Pharmaceutical Asset Sales

Torreya Partners is a very active player in pharmaceutical product asset sales.

We represent both sellers and buyers in asset level transactions. These transactions are often operationally complex and typically involve the purchase of the rights to market a drug (or related life science asset), associated regulatory files and inventory.

Our advisory services in asset sales include:

  • Buyer identification
  • Diligence support
  • Materials preparation
  • Outreach
  • Financial analysis
  • Transaction negotiation

Pharmaceutical product divestiture transactions involve many constituencies inside a company and we have found that substantial time and energy is involved in getting to a successful outcome.

We spend considerable amounts of time search for opportunities and getting to know buyers of pharmaceutical products. Often buyers are interested in a specific therapeutic area or a specific type of product (e.g., mature drugs or drugs that have little patent life left).

As in licensing deals, our style is highly participatory. We like to see our client involved as much as possible in a transaction while we often shoulder much of the work involved in process management and setting up negotiations.

Torreya has been involved in the acquisition or sale of 23 separate pharmaceutical products since 2010. We are the most active advisor on pharmaceutical asset transactions by far.