Pharma Services

The pharma services sector has undergone substantial growth due to increasing reliance upon outsourcing by the pharmaceutical industry.

Key developments have involved the use of contract research organizations (CROs) to augment internal R&D efforts, contract sales organizations (CSOs) to augment commercialization plans and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) for outsourced manufacturing.

The growth in this sector and the scale of the customers has been an important determinant of the ongoing trend towards consolidation in the pharmaceutical services industry.

Torreya Partners has advisors with substantial past experience in this area and is currently engaged in a variety of assignments in the pharmaceutical services area.

Examples of recent assignments include:

  • Sale of manufacturing facility and associated business in Europe
  • Sale of a specialty CRO to a larger player in a related area
  • Work with a CSO on a strategy to increase margin

We have also been involved over time in a number of projects in the biologics manufacturing area. An example of our work in this area involved the sale of an adenovirus manufacturing plant (ITS). This plant is today a part of Lonza.

We look forward to further work in the future in the area of pharma services.