Nutritionals & OTC

We have worked on a series of projects at the intersection of the pharmaceutical industry, the consumer products industry and the natural products industry.

Torreya’s interest in OTC and nutritionals grew out of the experience of one of our Principals, Peter Garrambone, who joined Reliant Pharmaceuticals after leaving Pfizer. Reliant introduced a fish oil product to the pharmaceutical market. After Reliant’s sale to GlaxoSmithKline for $1.8 billion, Pete joined Torreya Partners. Since that time, we have worked on a series of projects involving OTC products, medical foods and nutritionals.

The projects we have worked on have generally involved the application of scientific methods to the study of the benefits of consumer products and foods. We have worked, for example, with several large multinationals to study opportunities for growth through incorporation of safe but therapeutically useful ingredients into food.

We have also been involved in a number of projects involving medical foods and vitamins including the sale of Xanodyne’s prenatal vitamin franchise and assistance in the formation of nutritionals alliance focused on oncology treatments.

In another project, we assisted Diversified Natural Products in acquiring Thorne Research — a substantial player in the nutritional supplement industry. The combined company has subsequently experienced substantial growth.

Recently, we have advised on several OTC sale projects including the licensure of a respiratory product to large pharmaceutical company in 2013 and the sale of Semprae Laboratories in 2013. A number of our partners have histories of work on large consumer products and OTC deals that predate their involvement at Torreya Partners.