Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America

AAMLA region

Torreya Partners has represented a number of companies in the AAMLA region in recent years including large pharmaceutical companies in China, several biotechnology companies and a variety of clients in India, principally in the generic pharmaceutical sector.

We are pleased to have three Mandarin / Cantonese speakers on board including our Managing Director Jie Liu.

In India we are pleased to have an active practice headed by Nitin Lath.

We have done a significant amount of work for clients in the Middle East.

Our practice in Israel is led by Mark Simon. We have worked with a number of Israeli biotechnology industry companies since we were founded in 2008. We have been involved in M&A, licensing and financing work for Israeli clients.

We are active in a broad range of sale assignments and licensing projects in Latin America with a focus on Brazil and Mexico. Our work in Latin America is spearheaded by Alan Vanderborght and Nicolas Gikakis of the Kybora Emerging Markets team. We are proud to be represented on the ground by two industry veterans in Dr. Ernesto Neumann (Brazil) and by Ulrich Steuer (Mexico). Recent projects in Latin America have spanned pharmaceutical company sale assignments, outlicensing of a medical device product into the Latin American market and a variety of pharmaceutical asset sale and alliance agreements.

Selected Past Deals

cCam Therapeutics

Sale to Merck

Up to $605 million

July 2015

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


License of pidilizumab to Medivation

Up to $335 million with royalty

October 2014

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


Sale to Shire

$75 million upfront + milestones

May 2014

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


Follow-on Offering

$72.5 million

February 2014

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


Sale of 31 ANDAs to ANI Pharmaceuticals

$12.5mm + Profit Share

December 2013

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


Advisor on oncology partnership with Bayer

$550mm with $10mm upfront

August 2013

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America


Sale of Vaccine Company to Takeda

$250mm with $35mm upfront

May 2013

Asia, Africa, MidEast, Latin America

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