Our Name

We started doing business from a small office located in a residence on Torreya Court in Palo Alto, California—hence the name Torreya Partners.

Torreya is named after the genus Torreya—a genus from the same family of yew trees that yielded Taxol. There are four species of the genus to be found in Eastern Asia and two species to be found in North America. This is an ancient genus and fossil records have been found from the Eocene era.

To us, the phrase Torreya symbolizes persistence, flexibility and wisdom.

We are grateful to Linda Dodson of Tallahassee, Florida for graciously agreeing to sell us the domain name torreya.com. Linda has been involved in efforts to protect Torreya Taxifolia which is found in North Florida from a fungus that limits its growth. Linda is an avid creator of beautiful bead tapestries.